Mike Killam


Mike Killam is a news writer and daily editorial contributor to Wrestlezone.com, the highest trafficked pro wrestling website in the world (not owned by WWE). For interviews, product reviews or any other requests, please contact Mike.Killam@wrestlezone.com. 

About Me

I'm a 25-year-old Chicagoan currently living in Portland, OR (aka the city that always sleeps). I've been with Wrestlezone since 2011, involved in numerous columns, podcasts, radio and video projects, and websites including Vince Russo's PyroandBallyhoo.com.  

Outside of wrestling my interests including film, television, reading, the occasional video game, losing half my free time during the NBA season, writing/editing scripts, and dreaming about future YouTube projects. 

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Editorial Schedule

TUESDAY: Just Another Wrestling Review - WWE Raw

WEDNESDAY: Stars in Progress / Wrestlezone Top 10

THURSDAY: Just Another Wrestling Review - Lucha Underground

FRIDAY: Wrestlezone Reacts

SUNDAY: Wrestlezone Recap