Stars in Progress: Warrior Return, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler

Chris Cash

Passion, even when it stems from hate and anger, is still passion. John Cena haters know what I'm talking about, right guys?

Let's take a look at some of the stars this week…

Ultimate Warrior[Ultimate] Warrior – One Step Up

Who hasn't enjoyed the latest updates regarding WWE — Vince, specifically — and Warrior mending the fence that has long separated the two from doing business? I certainly have.

Warrior might be a nutjob. He certainly wasn't the best "wrestler". You could put together an entire DVD set with his mishaps. But he's The Ultimate Freakin' Warrior!

I mark out just thinking about his entrance.

As a fan growing up, I didn't care about the things going on behind the scenes, or what type of employee or colleague Warrior was. I still don't, honestly.

Back then, I looked up to him — wished I could be him. Today, I respect him for his contributions. He was a positive part of my childhood.

Politics likely kept Warrior from being the star Hogan was long term. Even still, for a short period of time, there were fans like me who considered him every bit the equal to "the immortal one". Hell, I think I favored him over Hogan even. 

DVD work, a few live appearances (no wrestling!), and of course, the Hall of Fame — I'll take it all. And I expect it to happen, as long as Warrior doesn't say anything stupid between now and then. 

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