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La Rosa Negra: Kamille Is Not A Superhero, I Can Beat Her

La Rosa Negra recognizes the challenge that is in front of her, but she’s not backing down.

On April 7, La Rosa Negra will attempt to dethrone reigning NWA Women’s Champion Kamille at the NWA 312 pay-per-view. After landing on the winning team of NWA’s 2023 Champions Series, it didn’t take long for La Rosa Negra to cash in her title opportunity.

In late February, the 20-year veteran set her sights on the coveted title, announcing she’d be using her title shot to challenge Kamille at NWA 312. When asked why she chose to cash it in now, La Rosa Negra told WrestleZone’s Ella Jay that her motivation was quite simple — she really wanted some gold.

“Me having this opportunity, it’s like a big, big deal. I need to enjoy this opportunity right now, do what I need to do to get that title in my waist,” she said. “But Kamille is like a rock, and a hard contender. She’s a big opponent. Also, she is tall, and has a big heart.”

“I need to figure out how to go in there, to really put her down. I’m watching her stuff. I do my homework. Also, I knew her before she became a champion, but I have my strategies ready here,” she pointed to her brain. “I have some ideas for April 7th, when I go to NWA 312. The only way to get that championship to go to my waist, I have a lot of work [to do].”

As NWA 312 inches closer, La Rosa Negra also gave fans a little preview of what they can expect during their clash. “Kamille is not a superhero, she’s not a superwoman. She’s not a cat woman. She’s not like the movies heroes, she is a normal human that I can beat and put her down if I have the type of strategy that I’ve got.”

“The fans don’t know me yet,” La Rosa Negra continued. “I’m running in this company for a long way, but not everybody knows La Rosa Negra. Nobody knows what I can give them in the ring on April [7th] or in any other shows or events that pro wrestling does. So, I need to put on fire, my abilities to show everybody what La Rosa Negra has. So now in NWA, I can show them what I have, what I got, and in the future, what I want to bring them, like a challenge.”

“I think, for me, it’s a big step, something big in my life, because there’s not too many opportunities to be the champion, for important ones like the NWA Women’s Title. So, it’s a really big deal for me. The fans need you go to there or need to buy this pay-per-view because Kamille is not a superhero. All right, so that’s it. They need to know. So, I’m going to NWA, April 7th, to show everybody why I can be the next NWA Women’s Champion.”

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