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Trinity: Charlotte Flair Brought Out The Best In Me, She Demands You Step Up

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Trinity, who reflected on her work as Naomi in WWE. Trinity cited Charlotte Flair and Natalya as two opponents who brought out the best in her.

“It’s so crazy when I think back on my career, I feel like I don’t have that many matches to do that with, so I’m kind of on that journey as well to just create good matches. But the ones I would say, me and Charlotte, championship match on SmackDown last year. That was one of my favorite matches. I feel that Charlotte is someone who always brings the best out of me. Charlotte, she’s tough, and you’re going to do one of two things when you’re in the ring with her. You’re either gonna sink or swim because she demands you to step up, and I always loved working with her because I feel like we always did that with each other.

“My SummerSlam match with Natalya is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed that match, and Nattie is another one of my favorites that I’ve always loved working with through the years. She always gives her all, and she’s always consistent in the ring, and she will always deliver a good match. And I would say my match with KiLynn has been one of my favorite matches.”

Trinity called King a great first opponent in IMPACT Wrestling, but she hopes it’s not the last time they meet inside the squared circle.

“KiLynn was such a beast, such a great first opponent and I would love to wrestle her again somewhere down the road. It was just such a natural chemistry with her. She was just great. I don’t feel like that debut could’ve gone any better, having my friends there, having so much support there. It was awesome.”

Check out some full-length matches from Trinity’s career, including her SummerSlam match against Natalya and her IMPACT Wrestling debut against KiLynn King, below:

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Trinity vs. KiLynn King: IMPACT Wrestling, May 18, 2023