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5 WWE Superstars Who Could Undergo Big Character Changes Soon

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In WWE, babyface and heel turns happen all the time. There are very few forms of entertainment where virtually every character undergoes a change from the good side to the bad or vice versa as many times as they do. But with WWE and wrestling in general, all of that is different. Given that they have a live audience who reacts on a weekly basis, WWE knows exactly where a superstar stands in terms of popularity or unpopularity.

With some superstars, WWE plans beforehand and creates a whole story that leads up to them flipping characters, whether they jump to the good side or the bad. Either way, they’re one of the most fun parts of wrestling and when it’s all unexpected, then fans know that it’s done right.

Not that WWE hasn’t made blunders with turns before, but usually, they’re done to keep a character refreshing and take a new direction with them. Many superstars have even found a whole new side to themselves when turning, becoming bigger hits than before. As with every year, there will always be superstars on the verge of turning at some point. Here are five superstars who could undergo character changes soon.

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