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WWE WrestleMania 37 Night One Review: Powerful Show Sets A High Bar For Night Two

More than anything, WWE WrestleMania 37 Night One was powerful.

It was powerful to see live fans fill the arena for the first time in more than a year, giving each and every match the genuine energy that has been lacking throughout the pandemic era. It was powerful to see Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks make history before the bell even rang ahead of their main event match. Of course, it was also powerful in the traditional sense to see Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley clash in a battle of two titans to open the show. For these reasons and more, the first night of WrestleMania 37 was truly unforgettable.

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Saturday Featured With A Historic Main Event

The lasting image of WWE WrestleMania 37 Night One could be the sight of Belair fighting back tears at the beginning of her match with Banks. Everyone knew about the significance of this main event. It has been an emphatic aspect of the narrative surrounding this contest, and Michael Cole even discussed the cultural importance of the bout on Saturday night’s broadcast.

But seeing Belair’s emotions overwhelm her in such a beautiful way was a remarkable exclamation point on the statement that this match transcended wrestling. (Belair discussed this significance on WWE’s The Bump on Sunday afternoon.)

Yes, the in-ring action ultimately delivered. Belair is called “The EST” for a reason, and Banks has earned her reputation for being one of the best in the business. The main event also told a captivating story that showed just how much Belair wanted, and needed, to win. She refused to give up when the champion locked in her signature submission hold, the Bank Statement. This perseverance can be used as a touching metaphor for Belair’s real-life journey to the main event, and this connection made her ultimate triumph that much sweeter.

As the champion, Belair should officially take her place as SmackDown’s brightest star, and Banks deserves a lot of credit for making her opponent look like a million bucks in this fantastic main event.

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Night One Opened With A Stunner

“Underdog” is a word that rarely, if ever, describes Bobby Lashley. But the odds were seemingly stacked against “The All Mighty” heading into Saturday night. Practically every fan and analyst had been expecting Drew McIntyre to regain the WWE Championship on Saturday, getting the WrestleMania moment that he was deprived of in 2020.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, after a thunderous war between two powerhouses, Lashley emerged victorious when he made McIntyre pass out in the Hurt Lock. So, to the surprise of many, Lashley will leave WrestleMania weekend as the WWE Champion. His victory was a jaw-dropping moment on a show that otherwise delivered fairly predictable results.

With a victory in a seemingly unwinnable match, Lashley has easily leapt from a transitional champion to one who could hold the title for quite some time. McIntyre will probably get the title back at some point, but “The All Mighty” rightfully got his own WrestleMania moment on Saturday. As for McIntyre, though he lost the match, he was still given the honor of being the first man to walk down the ramp in front of the electric crowd. That’s not a bad consolation prize.

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‘The Grandest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment’ Lived Up To Its Name

WrestleMania is meant to be a spectacle, and Saturday delivered one. First, Omos is a sight to behold. This mountain of a main is a living throwback to the days of Diesel and Yokozuna, giants who didn’t need to deliver technical masterclasses in order to enjoy successful careers. Omos has been featured alongside AJ Styles in recent months, but the prospect of his in-ring debut was surrounded by uncertainty.

By the time the RAW Tag Team Championship match began, many fans were curious to see whether Omos could hold his own as a competitor. In limited action, he delivered a strong performance, as the mere thought of the giant entering the match gave the contest a distinct energy. The New Day tried their best to prevent Styles from tagging in his bodyguard, but as soon as Omos tagged in, the writing was on the wall.

He dwarfed his opponents, and the champions seemed helpless when they tried to take him on. Omos scored the pin over former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, so WWE might have high hopes for the newcomer. His pairing with Styles feels like a callback to that of Shawn Michaels and Diesel, an alliance that turned Kevin Nash into a world champion. WWE might be hoping that Omos will follow similar path.

Likewise, musical star Bad Bunny made his in-ring debut, and he exceeded expectations, to say the least. Reportedly, the GRAMMY Award winner had been working at the WWE Performance Center ahead of this match, and his preparation paid off. Bad Bunny shocked the world when he hit a Canadian Destroyer on John Morrison. He smoothly flew around the ring and looked like a natural.

WrestleMania has a long legacy of showcasing celebrities, and Bad Bunny’s skillful in-ring work set a new bar for stars who want to make the same jump. Plus, the presence of the GRAMMY Award winner added even more mainstream buzz to a show that was already destined to go down in history.

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