Dr. Tom Prichard is Back and Better Than Ever


Please read the story in the link above, prospective wrestlers and young up-and-comers. Share that with others who are in the industry as well.

Ring of Honor just had a Camp a couple of weekends ago. My part was on promos…the spoken words. Lots of great storytellers in the bunch and some you will see on TV very soon.

Teaching and demonstrating the advanced application of the fundamentals was stressed in the ring by a distinguished group of trainers. “When” and “Why”, as opposed to “How” were emphasized at this camp because everyone was fundamentally sound.

We met young men from all over the world, including several trainees each from Taz’s Dojo and Johnny Rodz’s school in NYC and Truth Martini’s school in Michigan.. A good school, personal work ethic and natural ability are some of the major ingredients needed to become successful in pro wrestling.

If your trainer is good, you can be good. Who have they trained and who trained them? Superstars don’t always make the best trainers but their connections and friends can help make the school better for the trainee.

It’s just like in sports where journeymen usually make the best coaches. Perennial all-stars have so much natural ability that they can’t teach what it takes to be successful. Those that had to fight for every at-bat, snap, rebound or loose puck can impart that desire and work ethic to those who are like them.

Wrestling training hasn’t changed much in the past 40 years except it’s become a lot less secretive. Good trainers set their students up for successes while shafters just steal student’s money. And good pro wrestling featuring a well-executed, competitive matches still have an audience…

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