Isenberg Reacts: WWE Raw Reaction “Spotlight All on Undertaker And Brock”

The Undertaker Kicks off WWE Raw

wwe rawThe Undertaker talks about how streaks are made to be broken. He says that is the painful truth, but says Brock Lesnar had to continously remind everyone of his greatest accomplishment. He says Battleground was his true ressurection and says he can’t kill what won’t die. Undertaker says he will conquer what has yet to be conquered and he will Rest in Peace. The Undertaker heads out and Triple H/Stephanie McMahon talk about not having Brock Lesnar tonight. 

The Undertaker needed to come out and speak his mind. Very Attitude Era promo from him here, keeping it short and sweet. Bash it all you want, but this match is a big name versus another big name in the Sports Entertainment world. The build will be the most interesting thing to come out of it. I hope it is better than what we saw before. 

WZ 7

Charlotte vs. Brie Bella

Charlotte and Brie lock up, with Brie getting the early advantage. Charlotte hits a shoulder block and Brie ducks out of a cross body. Brie kicks her in the leg and then another kick to her chest, followed by a dropkick. More kicks and more submission holds, as Brie is in full control of the match. Charlotte fights out, but Brie hits a missile dropkick for two. Charlotte catches a kick and then hits some chops. A neckbreaker and a big boot gets Charlotte a two count. Charlotte boots Nikki out of the ring and hits a Spear. Figure 8 and Brie taps out again. 

You can just feel how better these Divas matches are and are going to be. Sasha and Naomi stayed on the mic, which kept them in the loop. The best part is that WWE can mix and match Divas. Charlotte is the most complete and ready to become champion, but that is nothing against how good Sasha and Becky are. Good stuff tonight and another positive step. Kudos to Brie, she can actually go. Solid match with some good spots and did not give too much too early.

WZ 6

Another tag team in the mix?