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IMPACT Wrestling To Simulcast On Twitch and Pursuit Starting This Friday

IMPACT Wrestling will be available to watch on both Pursuit and Twitch starting this Friday night.

Josh Mathews made the big announcement during tonight’s Homecoming pay-per-view—IMPACT will debut on Pursuit Channel on cable and will simulcast live on Twitch starting at 10 pm EST. This week also marks IMPACT’s debut on Pursuit; last week’s show was the final episode on POP TV.

During this week’s IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass podcast, I asked Josh Mathews about the possibility of broadcasting on a digital platform to offset the number of fans without any access to Pursuit Channel. When talking about possible alternatives to making sure fans can watch IMPACT without a major delay (like with the 10 day delay GWN and other apps currently enforce), Mathews said:

“I think that’s a valid question, and I think one that we’ve asked internally. Obviously, we have so many different platforms where we can go to in 2019, which is great. Do you put the whole show on YouTube, do you put it on [Global Wrestling Network]? Does it go to one of the other platforms we work with—Pluto TV—do you know what I mean? We have all of these partnerships and we can do so much, I just think it’s what is the right decision.

Now we know where we’re going to be on television on broadcast television [on Pursuit Channel], now what do we do digitally? I think those are all questions that are being discussed internally and I think everyone will be excited with what the answer will be.

This has been going back to when we were on Challenge TV in the UK, with the delay that they were experiencing over there—nobody wants that delay, they want the show when we get it here in the United States. I think that’s always going to be the goal and at the forefront of the minds of the people making those decisions. It’s ‘let’s get it to everyone when we can, legally when we can and in the best way possible.’ Obviously the question you’re asking is one that we’ve been talking about, and hopefully we come up with the best decision for everybody.”