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Xavier Woods Teases Greener Pastures After Kofi’s SmackDown Screwjob

The ongoing theme of SmackDown has been giving Kofi Kingston hope, then have his opportunity ripped away and Xavier Woods has had enough. That theme kept rolling last night as Vince McMahon screwed the 11-year vet out of his WrestleMania main event by adding one more man to the gauntlet match in which he already won. That man was WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and with Mania being two weeks away, Kofi has no clear road to the title picture. Kofi’s New Day cohort went to bat for his buddy after the blue brand ended and said that New Day may be looking for a place that enjoys their positivity:

What you see here is a physical manifestation of what we mean when we say “power of positivity”. It’s an emotion that you can feel, see, even touch. When you experience it coursing through your entire body there isn’t anything that you can do but smile. This moment, captured in this picture, embodies this emotion and we have shared it with all of you since we came together as The New Day…. But it seems as if Vince doesn’t appreciate the gravity of his actions. Ripping away @thetruekofi opportunity like that shows that he refuses to give loyalty to you when it’s given to him in abundance so I think it may be time that we find our way to someplace where we can rely on that extremely simple concept.

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