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WWE Launching Tiered WWE Network, Teaming With a Podcast Partner

At the WWE Business Partner Summit 2019, WWE officials revealed a few upcoming tidbits about their future media plans. Perhaps most interesting is the confirmation of a relaunch for the WWE Network later this year. WWE has been asking fans about the possibility of tiered service for quite a while now, and this seems to confirm that this is coming. They note that the new WWE Network will have multiple tiers, new content, “customization” of some sort and downloading for offline viewing and other features.

What could be in those tiers is anyone’s guess as of now, but in past fan surveys WWE has mentioned the possibility of wrestling shows from other promotions in a higher tier.

Also mentioned during the summit (h/t to Wrestlenomics) is the fact that WWE will soon announce an official podcast partner. WWE has had a scattershot history with the medium, with their former stars scattering to various services as the wrestling podcasting boom occurred. They’ve aired “episodes” of podcasts run by Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho and Bruce Pritchard on the WWE Network before, but they’ve never been long term solutions. Having officially branded WWE podcasts should lead to more consistent programming on their service.

The full conference is available here.

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