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Why Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller Isn’t A Fan Of Shaking Hands (Video), Braun Strowman Visits Jeddah’s Tallest Fountain

Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller Starrcast Interview

The following video features Wrestlezone’s Ross W Berman IV talking to Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller at Starrcast. Miller had previously been spotted during Glacier’s interview with us, and we got a few minutes of his time to explain why he wasn’t doing a run-in:

“I didn’t interrupt anything, y’all just happened to be standing in my way. I’m passing by and you’re blocking the lane, so I did what I do. I kick ass.”

Miller said he was enjoying the weekend, and explained why shaking hands wasn’t something he looked forward to:

“You know what? Meeting fans, I like. Shaking hands, I don’t like. I just don’t—you know me, I think when you’re tying me up it’s like tying up my weapons. I don’t want to confine my weapons.”

Glacier went on to talk about not running in on his friend Glacier’s interview, saying he taught Glacier everything he knows. The Cat also joked that he doesn’t reveal any fight strategy unless he gets paid, and said the weekend in Vegas and fans investing in a profession he loves has been fun.

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Braun Strowman

The following video features Braun Strowman’s visit to King Fahd’s Fountain, the tallest fountain in the world, which happens to be located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During his visit, Strowman sends a message to Bobby Lashley, who he will face off with at WWE Super Showdown.