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ROH Wrestling Results (7/6/19): ROH World Championship Match

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired June 22, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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Iian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana welcome viewers to the show and preview the main event of ROH World Champion Matt Taven vs. Tracy Williams.

The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia) vs.  The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and “Brawler” Brian Milonas)

Milonas tosses O’Ryan twice but an eye rake lets O’Ryan hit some chops. A back body drop sends O’Ryan flying but he uses his quickness to wear Milonas down. O’Ryan taunts Milonas, who flops down on top of him. Bruiser tags in and O’Ryan tags Marseglia. Bruiser punches Marseglia and O’Ryan and he bits Marseglia’s hand. Milonas slams Marseglia and the Bouncers double-team O’Ryan. Milonas dives onto both his opponents with a senton off the apron.

O’Ryan and Marseglia choke Bruiser using the ropes. Marseglia gets a near fall with a modified cutter. Bruiser slams both representatives of the Kingdom and tags in Milonas, who floors both his opponents with strikes. Milonas plants O’Ryan with a crossbody. Margselia holds Milonas’ leg when he goes for a superplex and O’Ryan pins the big man after collapsing on top of him.

Winners: the Kingdom

After the match, the Bouncers offer some beer to the Kingdom and the winners accept. O’Ryan grabs a microphone and says the Bouncers are an elite tag team but they proved they’re big fat losers. The Kingdom purposefully spill the beers and the Bouncers attack O’Ryan and Marseglia.

In a taped segment, ROH World Champion Matt Taven says he’ll never rest; he’s not satisfied and he has work to do. In another backstage segment, Tracy Williams says he earned an opportunity to fight for the ROH World Championship. He says he’s not taking the opportunity lightly and he’ll be champion by the end of the night.

Brian Johnson vs. Josh “the Goods” Woods

Before the match, in a taped promo, Johnson says he’s this year’s number one pick and he’s  the only number one. When the bell rings, Woods slams Johnson and drops him with a kick in the gut. Johnson stomps Woods in the corner and floors him with an elbow in the corner. Woods catches Johnson and tosses him. Johnson dodges a spear in the corner, which sends Woods shoulder-first into the ring post.

Johnson grounds Woods and maintains control of the match. He targets Woods’ arm but Woods perseveres and breaks free. A suplex sends Johnson across the ring. Woods floors Johnson with a knee and pins him with a Seismic Toss.

Winner: Josh “the Goods” Woods

A video package recaps how Tracy Williams earned a shot at the ROH World Championship.

Jay Lethal joins Cabana and Riccaboni at the announce desk. Riccaboni says Lethal will face the winner of tonight’s main event at Manhattan Mayhem.

ROH World Championship: Matt Taven (c) vs. Tracy Williams

The two men shake hands and exchange technical holds. Taven escapes an ankle lock but Williams suplexes him. Williams hits the champion with some stiff chops and hits a baseball slide dropkick. He hits more stiff strikes outside the ring and Taven sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Taven grabs his title and tries to walk away but Williams stops him. Williams slams Taven face-first on the entrance steps and hits a diving punch off the steps.

The match returns to the ring, where Taven hits a Russian leg sweep off the top rope and onto the apron. Williams hits a diving leg drop and both men exchange sleeper holds. A diving DDT gets Williams a near fall. Taven plants Williams with a hard knee to the head. Willams flips out of a suplex and gets a near fall with a clothesline. Williams locks in an STF and transitions into an ankle lock before returning to the STF. Taven gets to the ropes and hits Williams with another hard knee. Williams hits a piledriver for a near fall. Williams collides with the referee Taven hits the Climax (after driving Williams’ hurt shoulder into an exposed turnbuckle) for the win.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: Matt Taven

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