WWE Extreme Rules Results

WWE Extreme Rules Results (7/14/19)

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival (c) vs. The Usos

Jey and Dawson trade pin attempts. Dawson and Wilder try to double team Jey but it ends poorly. The Usos load up a double superkick but Dawson pulls Wilder out of the ring. On their second attempt, the Usos flatten Dawson and Wilder with dual dives. After a sneak attack from Dawson, Jimmy is sent flying into the barricade by the Revival. The Revival take turns beating down Jey. Jimmy finally gets the hot tag. Jimmy clears the ring. Wilder catches Jimmy with a powerbomb. Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy catches Dawson and Wilder with a whisper in the wind. Tossing Samoan drop but the Usos. Dawson kicks out. Brainbuster by Dawson. Jey kicks out. Superplex/splash combo by the Revival. Jimmy hits a frog splash to break up the pin on Jey. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Jey for the win.

Winners and STILL The Raw Tag Team Champions, The Revival!

Aleister Black vs. Cesaro

Black goes the Black Mass as soon as the bell ring. Cesaro avoids it. Cesaro lands a few European uppercuts. Black counters the Gotch Neutralizer but Cesaro lands on his feet. Cesaro drops to the mat and sits Indian styles to mock Black. Black lands a few strikes. Cesaro falls out of the ring. Black hits a triangle moonsault. Black hits a double knee strike off the second rope. Leg sweep by Black. Black sets up the Black Mass. Cesaro counters with a right hook. Black tries a springboard but Cesaro pushes Black off the ropes. Black falls to the outside. Cesaro brings Black back into the ring. Springboard European uppercut by Cesaro. Black kicks out. Deadlift gut wrench suplex by Black. Black surprises Cesaro with a springboard moonsault.

Black and Cesaro trade strikes. Black tries another top rope double knees. Cesaro catches Black in Midair. Cesaro tosses Black in the sky and hits the Swiss Death Uppercut. Black gets his hand on the bottom rope to break the pin. Cesaro tries another springboard uppercut but Black counter with a leaping high knee. Cesaro kicks out. After multiple kicks to Cesaro’s leg, Black locks Cesaro in a kneebar. Cesaro sits up and reverses it into the sharpshooter. Cesaro transitions into a crossface. Black rolls Cesaro into a pin. Cesaro kicks out and eats a knee to the skull. Cesaro and Black trade uppercuts. Black obliterates Cesaro with the Black Mass for the win.

Winner- Aleister Black

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