Florida Governor Vince McMahon
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for WWE

Bully Ray Says Vince McMahon Challenging AEW Is Smart Business

All Elite Wrestling’s television debut is fast approaching, and with the NXT recently moving to Wednesday nights, it’s clear that both WWE and AEW will be battling it out for ratings dominance later this year. Speaking on SiriusXM’s Busted Open radio, Bully Ray compared the situation to The Godfather franchise, noting that it’s all business when it comes to Vince McMahon.

“No matter what move AEW makes, Vince knows that he cannot let them run unopposed,” he said. “Whether he’s doing a million viewers, or 10 million viewers, you never want to allow your audience to go sample the other product. Now, of course there’s going to be a section of fans that you’re not going to have control of. There are going to be many WWE fans who go and check out AEW, the idea is to keep as many eyes on your product, so no matter what chess move AEW made, Vince was going to counter it. Now, knowing what we know of how Vince operates, if AEW were to have a live show on TNT before All Out, do you think Vince McMahon will put counter programming against it?”

Bully Ray went on to say that it wouldn’t make sense for McMahon to not try and challenge AEW, and that at the end of the day, it isn’t personal, but just smart business. “Why wouldn’t you? This has nothing to do with a personal vendetta, this has to do with business. You cannot just allow a wrestling universe, whether it’s your wrestling universe, or every other person in the wrestling universe, to just watch a brand new product unopposed, it’s ignorant, it’s foolish, it’s dumb business. Everything that the WWE is doing right now to counter AEW is not personal at all. Yeah, Triple H calling them pissants is personal, yeah Cody destroying the throne is personal, but that’s personal between those guys. That’s personal between Cody and Hunter. The business end of this is not personal, and trust me when I tell you this Dave, I know this from firsthand knowledge, Vince doesn’t look at things personally.”