Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

New WWE 24/7 Champions Crowned At Fox Sports Founder’s Day Event

WWE 24/7 Champion Elias was all set to perform at 2019’s annual Fox Sports Founders Day event outside their Los Angeles offices. Even outside the ring, Elias can’t help but get interrupted, as Drake Maverick had hunted him down. As he tried to get past security to attempt to win the belt, the everpresent R-Truth found another way around and rolled up the musician to secure the belt.


After winning the belt, Drake Maverick chased R-Truth down while the Fox Sports theme song played. He used several sports implements to evade his rival, eventually sending Drake into a pool of water with a bodyslam. R-Truth is now a 13-time 24/7 Champion, with a combined total of 61 days with the belt.

As he ran from former champion Elias, R-Truth stumbled into the Fox Sports studio and ran into several of their correspondents. After a friendly conversation, Rob Stone took advantage of the situation and pinned Truth, becoming the first non-WWE alumni to win the championship. Unfortunately for him, Elias had caught up with truth and pinned the reporter to regain his gold.

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