Baron Corbin
Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Baron Corbin Wins WWE King Of The Ring 2019 After Hard-Fought Match With Chad Gable

The WWE King of the Ring 2019 tournament came to an end on WWE RAW this week. In the finals, Chad Gable faced Baron Corbin. After a competitive match, Corbin emerged victorious and won the tournament.

Gable defeated Shane McMahon to earn his spot in the match while Corbin beat Ricochet and Samoa Joe in a triple threat match. Gable used his technical prowess to get the upper hand early on but Corbin overpowered him. Gable rallied and took Corbin down with a dropkick. Corbin launched Gable into the timekeeper’s area. Corbin controlled the match for several minutes and turned Gable inside out with a clothesline. Corbin continued to use his strength to dominate the match. Gable briefly put Corbin in the Ankle Lock but Corbin escaped. Gable picked up some momentum with running kicks. After attacking Corbin’s ankle, Gable nearly lost when Corbin hit a Deep Six. Gable got a near fall after he German suplexed Corbin. After reversing the End of Days, Gable nearly made Corbin tap to the Ankle Lock but he reached the ropes. Corbin nailed the End of Days for the win.

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