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Fox Announcer Mark Schlereth Unapologetic About ‘Nacho Libre’ Comments

On his Stinkin’ Truth podcast this week, Fox football commentator Mark Schlereth took wrestling fans to task about calling Rey Mysterio “Nacho Libre” during the Vikings/Raiders broadcast on September 22.

I seem to consistently step in it. So, I do a promo, because now Fox is in with WWE wrestling superstars, and I do a promo with this WWE superstar Rey….I can’t even remember this guy’s name.

After his cohost helps him remember Rey’s full name, Mark goes on to tell a story about shooting a wrestling promo with Rey.

He’s got a spare [mask] and I’m like, ‘let me put this on, we can do it together.’ He goes, ‘it’s probably not gonna fit your head.’ It’s not that I have a big head. This guy is 5’6″ and maybe 170 lbs. His head is small compared to my head. He was right, it didn’t fit. We do this wrestling promo and it’s silly, it’s 15 seconds

He then said he recalled that experience during the broadcast and called him Nacho Libre, before saying that wrestling fans went “ape bananas” on him.

Wrestling fans went ape bananas on me like I’m ‘the most disrespectful guy in the history of broadcasting’ and ‘that’s a superstar of WWE’ and ‘I should learn the sport.’ I’m like, ‘you’re kidding me, right?’

Mark then calls wrestling a “soap opera” that isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and this line of thinking is why the experience has baffled him. He does also mention that hockey fans are worse than wrestling fans when it comes to defending their sport.

You can see the wrestling promo Mark mentions as well as the Nacho Libre comments in the tweet embedded below:

Quotes via the Stinkin’ Truth podcast as transcribed by Fightful

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