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Gabe Sapolsky Responds To David Starr’s Remarks About Not Paying Talent, Says He’s A ‘Politician’ & ‘Fraud’

Indie wrestling star David Starr is no stranger to controversy and he’s been feuding online with EVOLVE Wrestling head Gabe Sapolsky over wrestler pay recently.

Now, Sapolsky has fired back at Starr in a lengthy Twitter thread where he constantly brings up Starr’s real name of Max Barsky. “He doesn’t give a damn about wrestler pay,” said Sapolsky. “This is all an act. If there was an ounce of sincerity in any of this I would pay attention to it. It’s also not factual and all in broad strokes.”

He went on to state that he gave Starr a shot after the wrestler emailed him “relentlessly,” but he ignored booking instructions he was given. “Max Barsky, AKA David Starr, was then involved in a social media scandal with a female fan. I valued this fan and Barsky came off as a total scumbag so his chance of being booked was basically zero.”

Sapolsky continued by saying that he has “had numerous talents complain to me about Max Barsky, AKA David Starr, stiffing them, giving them concussions and then actually blaming them for these accidents. I watched his heralded match with WALTER where he selfishly no sold to get himself over. This isn’t even the match where he went into business for himself and stepped on the UK title.

“So there is no chance I’ll ever book Max Barsky. In fact, it’s known he had to move to the UK to get full-time work cause he failed at his PC tryout, at Impact and at ROH. Why AEW isn’t interested in him I don’t know. Maybe they are. Add to this the embarrassing and offensive picture of Max Barsky taking a selfie crying at a Holocaust memorial and I was finished with him.”

Sapolsky continued his rants but the tweets have now been deleted.

Starr kept his response short but sweet by telling Sapolsky to pay his wrestlers.

Perhaps the worst part of this Twitter drama is that we have missed out on Joey Janela nudes due to it.

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