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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Brian Cage Having Surgery For Bicep Injury, Says He Isn’t Signed Anywhere Right Now

Brian Cage comments on the rumors about his future and reveals that’s on hold while he recovers from a torn bicep.

Cage posted the following video on Instagram and says there’s plenty of speculation about him signing with a new promotion, but he’s still technically a free agent. Cage was reported as signing a contract with All Elite Wrestling, with the news breaking shortly after his Hard To Kill match with Rob Van Dam ended in a no contest. His wife, wrestling personality Melissa Santos, quickly shot the report down and said he hasn’t put pen to paper with anyone yet.

In the video, Cage confirms his IMPACT deal did run out and says he’s had offers from several other companies, but doesn’t name any specifically. Cage says while he was fielding offers he tore his bicep and hopes he still has the same offers once he’s ready to go after recovering from surgery. The former IMPACT World Champion noted that he doesn’t have a set timeframe to return, but some estimates put him at six months recovery and he’s hoping to make it back sooner.

“I know there’s been a lot of speculation on what’s going on with me, where I’m going. Rumors that I signed here, that I signed there, all kinds of stuff. I haven’t answered much and I’ve been keeping to myself about it because, yeah, my contract did come to an end with IMPACT Wrestling. They did make me an offer to stay, as did multiple other companies. And while I was mulling all that over, unfortunately, I tore my bicep. I was trying to stay positive about it, and it was looking like I was going to need surgery,” Cage said, “if it’s required but not necessary, and I didn’t want to say anything until I knew what was going on.

“So as of now, I am set to get surgery this Monday. I am not technically with any group right now at all. I did like I said have a bunch of amazing offers from all over the place and I’m just hoping they’re still there as soon as I heal up. As far as that goes, healing up, I wish I had an ideal time frame. Some people are saying it could take up to six months to recover. I’m a machine so I’m destined to do it faster than that and I know a lot of top tier athletes have done it pretty quick, and that’s almost my goal now too, try to be optimistic and looking at positives.”

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