Ruthless Aggression
Image: WWE Network

Ruthless Aggression Docuseries Premieres Trailer Before Feb. 16 Debut


Image: WWE Network

After exploiting the Attitude Era about as much as is possible from a content point of view, WWE is digging into some less explored history on WWE Network in a new docuseries. Entitled “Ruthless Aggression,” the show follows the company in the post-Invasion landscape, where an influx of talent from their former competition changed the landscape of the company.

When the dust settled, a new trio sat on top of the card, and the age of Cena, Orton, and (briefly) Brock Lesnar truly began. You can see a trailer for the show, which premiered Sunday, Feb. 16, embedded in the video below. It hints at new interviews with John Cena, Triple H, Bruce Pritchard and more big names from the early 2000s.

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