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Dr. Tom Prichard On The Bodydonnas, Getting Moved To The WrestleMania 12 Pre-Show

Tom Prichard, formerly known as Bodydonna Zip and currently a trainer at the Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy, recently appeared on his Taking You To School podcast. On this episode, Prichard discussed his time in the Bodydonnas and reflects on why his match at WrestleMania 12 got moved to the preshow.

Transcription credit of The TMPT Empire.

 On whether Zip was a rib on him, like Dusty Rhodes’ polka dots:

Prichard: “No because Dusty made it work. Dream knew that Dream was a pro and Dream was a legend and Dream knew everything. Whether it was or wasn’t or it was said or not. Whatever Dream’s perception of it was, was all that matters because he took it and said if this is what you are going to do, I’m going to show you what I can do and that is the attitude I should have took, but I didn’t. I didn’t with take it with the Heavenly Bodies when we were doing our stuff too, I just was happy to be there so it was the same thing with this.”

On whether Was Tom’s brother Bruce writing the TV at that point:

Prichard: “I don’t know if they had head writers but it was Vince, Pat and Bruce. I know that and I never discussed it with Bruce. Having someone, especially a family member in a spot like that is pretty touchy anyway. It is one of those things that you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If I were to have more drive, then maybe things would have changed but at the same time we don’t know. But it was Bruce, Pat and Vince and obviously they saw what they saw and we didn’t do anything to change their minds or didn’t try to change their minds or sway anyone’s opinion and thought we’ll just work in the ring and they will see it.”

“And I’m not sure if you’ve heard this or not but what we do in the ring is just a minuscule part of what this business is about. It was certainly up to us to be more active or to be proactive but it was a different culture, it truly was and it was a different lay of the land and you were walking through the jungle everyday with a new disease or new animal waiting to jump you from behind the trees.”

On working the WrestleMania 12 pre-show in a tag team title match:  

Prichard: “It was being grateful to be there and thank you sir may I have another. But it’s not WrestleMania, it was on the pre-show. We were on the card in the WrestleMania card if that makes any sense but again that should have been us going to Vince and saying something if we had felt strongly about it. But were there diversions and distractions? Certainly. There were a couple of times where I felt, what do I say and what is my argument? I didn’t want to do at that time and this is how I felt then because I don’t feel this way now but I didn’t want to come across as a pain in the ass.”

“But I think if you don’t become a pain in the ass or at least speak up for yourself,  you are never going to get what you want and you have to do that. But it was bitter sweet no doubt and it wasn’t like we weren’t The Revival and being guys that could tear the house down everyday. We could have good matches but I hate to keep beating a dead horse but at the same time when you ask is it the same as WrestleMania being on the pre-show? Anybody who has been there would say no it is not. You want to be on WrestleMania.”

On whether backstage drama lead to the tag title match being on the pre-show:

Prichard: “Let me get this straight? We have Sunny as our manager and what was that main event again of WrestleMania 12? The Iron Man match with Shawn and Bret Hart. Well, I’m just saying looking down the card here that I don’t have to explain or go any deeper. To say anything or go any deeper at that time with the situation being what it is, not with Chris and Tammy but could we have said something, yeah but could it have done anything? I doubt that very seriously. Look at the players and check your score card.”

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