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Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Machine Gun Anderson Teases A ‘Reload’, Cash Wheeler Debuts New Shirt

Machine Gun Anderson Teases A ‘Reload’

WWE’s recent mass firing was a sad day for many fans, but it could be a new beginning for great talents not living up to their full potential in the company. Karl Anderson has wasted no time taking advantage of his newfound freedom, posting several videos hinting at a return of the old days of Bullet Club’s Machine Gun. His “reload” could see the Machine Gun return to New Japan and return the OG OC to dominance, or it could mean that he’ll begin to reign elsewhere.

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Cash Wheeler Debuts New Shirt

The Revival stands to gain just as much as the Good Brothers under their new post-WWE monikers. Cash Wheeler has posted a new shirt for their FTR line, saying that the team is finally free. It’s well known that the former Dash and Dawson wanted out of the company for a long while, and it’s inevitable that they’ll pop up in their new incarnations in a new company ASAP.