Rusev Isn’t Worried About Lashley, Joey Janela Goes For Drunken Olympic Gold, Steiner Math

Here’s a brand new edition of the WrestleZone Roundup, taking a look at the latest and greatest social media content around these parts — Saddle up!

Joey Janela is making the best of being at home, inviting fans to enter the JanelaZone.

The AEW star has been streaming while he’s been quarantined like everyone else and now just added a new event for those looking for competition. The Janelazone Drunken Olympics is hitting the airwaves, and fans 21 and over with a legal ID can participate. The top prize? An autographed Shinsuke Nakamura action figure — signed by Janela.

Janelazone Drunken Olympics:

2 White Claw shotgun qualifier (Top 8 fastest enter the tournament)

Round 1: Flip cup (8 cups) beer or Claw with beer or Claw shotgun or hard shot

Round 2: Beer pong with hard shot

Round 3: Edward 40 hands

Requirements: Must have Claws, beer, Red Solo cups and pong balls!!! MUST BE 21 with ID present.

Winner gets prize of the century – a signed Shinsuke Nakamura figure (signed by Joey Janela)

Rusev isn’t worried about Lashley at all — and here’s why:

The numbers don’t lie — the greatest wrestling promo of all time was delivered by Scott Steiner on this day twelve years ago:

There’s nobody NICER than Tamina?