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Matt Striker To Debut On FOX Dating Show, Brian Kendrick Talks Conspiracy Theories

Matt Striker To Debut On FOX Dating Show

Former WWE superstar and Lucha Underground commentator Matt “Striker” Kaye is hitting the airwaves in a much different fashion. The 44-year-old will be one of the contestants on FOX’s Labor of Love, a Bachelor-esque dating program where the twist is that the Bachelorette wants kids ASAP. You can see a brief glimpse of Matt on the show below, or see more by tuning in when it premieres this coming Thursday at 9 PM EST.

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Brian Kendrick Talks Conspiracy Theories

In a clip from his recent appearance on The New Day: Feel The Power, Brian Kendrick goes into conspiracy theories, amazing the boys with talk of The Mandella Effect and the changes that possibly could have taken place if life is a simulation. Of course, if life is actually a computer program run by some higher power, I personally would love to request a refresh on whatever 2020 questline is going on right now. We’re not going to come out on top of this one.

Oh, and Brian Kendrick admit to being “intrigued” by Flat Earth theory at the end of the video. Take that as you will.