IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (6/16/20)

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Backstage, Trey tells Wentz he knows it wasn’t him who attacked him. 

IMPACT Tag Team Team Championship Match: The North (c ) The Rascalz

Wentz dropkicks Alexander as soon as the bell ring. Wentz tries a handspring but gets caught. Wentz escapes. Dez and Wentz double team Alexander, which is capped off with a huge double stomp by Wentz. Dez gets a near fall. Wentz tags back in and lands a senton on Alexander for another near fall. Alexander traps Wentz in The North’s corner. Page tags in and assaults Wentz. Alexander and Page take turns working over Wentz. Wentz manages to tag in Dez. Dez floors Alexander with a dropkick. Page breaks up the pin. 

Alexander counter Dez’s corner splash with a spinebuster. Page tags in and works over Dez. After the break, Dez tags in Wentz, who clears the ring. Running knee by Wentz to Page. alexander catches Wentz in midair. Dez brings them both down with a mooonsault off the second rope. Wentz only gets a near fall. Slingshot superkick and double knee strike by the Rascalz. Page and Dez trade strikes. Wentz and Alexander tag in. Dez hits his backflip kick on Alexander. Wentz crushes Alexander with a Canadian destroyer. Dez tries a drive but is caught by Page and sent into the crowd. Alexander and Page hit their finish on Wentz for the win!

Winners and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions, The North!

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