candice lerae
Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE

Candice LeRae Defeats Mia Yim In Brutal Street Fight

Candice LeRae and Mia Yim kicked off tonight’s second night of NXT’s Great American Bash with a brutal street fight, and it lived up to expectations. In the end, it was LeRae who came away as the winner, but both superstars were left more than beaten by the time things had ended.

Throughout most of the match, both LeRae and Yim went gone back and forth with each other, taking the match through a handful of areas as they fought. Things ended, however, as LeRae and Yim made their way back into the ring, with LeRae setting up a table on the top rope. Eventually, both superstars ended up on the table, and LeRae delivered a vicious swinging neck breaker off of the table and onto a pile of steel chairs. Both superstars were seemingly knocked out, but LeRae was able to drape her arm over Yim, resulting in a win for her.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Yim clotheslines LeRae into the corner. Yim lights LeRae up with a knife-edged chop. As LeRae sways in the corner, Yim places a trash can on Yim’s head. Yim boots the trash can. LeRae drops in the corner. Yim flattens the trash can covered LeRae with a senton in the corner. LeRae kicks out. Yim puts on a pair of brass knucks. Yim tries to punch LeRae but LeRae blocks it with a chair. LeRae hits Yim with a chair over and over again. LeRae climbs on the table she previously set up on the top rope. Yim cuts LeRae off. Yim and LeRae fight on the elevated table. LeRae rests the knucks from Yim. LeRae clocks Yim with the knucks. LeRae hits a swinging neck breaker off the table onto a pile of steel chairs. LeRae drapes her arm on Yim for the three count.

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