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New Faction Debuting On RAW, WWE Files Possible Name As Trademark

New reports are coming in that a new faction is emerging in WWE. First reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE has confirmed the rumors that there will be a new group debuting on tonight’s program. Here is the official description of the group as provided by WWE:

The Superstars comprising this faction have yet to be revealed, but rumblings around the WWE Performance Center say that the group is out to cause chaos and shake up the organization’s structure.

In an unrelated story, Wrestling Inc has discovered that WWE now owns two new trademarks. One is “The Hurt Business”, the already established name for MVP’s grouping with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. The second is “Justus”, a name that has not been mentioned on WWE television as of yet. Could this be the name for this mysterious new faction?

One other thing of note is that Pro Wrestling Sheet’s report specified that the storyline is “specific to WWE” and not intended to be political. With a potential name like Justus, that could open a whole new can of worms. Between this new group emerging and the return of Shane McMahon, WWE definitely has some big plans in place for however tonight’s show ends up.

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