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Xavier Woods On His ‘Feud’ With Kenny Omega And Destroying Boundaries, Popping Vince McMahon

Xavier Woods is saying there’s a chance The New Day and The Elite could one day meet in the squared circle instead of in the digital world.

Woods (aka Austin Creed) recently spoke with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast and talked about his relationship with Kenny Omega. Woods says his “rivalry” with The Elite’s Omega and the Young Bucks was created over a mutual love of video games and doesn’t ever see it ending. He says the main goal in wrestling is to crossover and says under the right circumstances, we might one day see them battle in the ring.

“Kenny Omega has been on my YouTube show before and so have the Young Bucks. We have been able to do a Street Fighter Tournament together with a wrestling spin on it of course with the contract signing and cutting promos on each other beforehand. Using video games as a conduit we have been able to do something no one else has been able to do. That rivalry is still going strong today and I’m pretty sure it will never end. I would love to do some sort of inter-promotional match with him one day.

“The goal is to destroy boundaries. Do things that we aren’t supposed to be doing because people would really enjoy it. Given the right circumstances, I do think it could happen, but we’ll see.”

Woods also spoke about Vince McMahon’s reaction to “Francesca” the trombone and how he was told he was so successful with it he would have to bring it to the ring forever.

“I decided ‘why don’t I bring out the trombone to the ring with me. I may never get another chance to bring it out onto TV with me.’ Kofi and Big E are having a match and I’m on the floor, as per usual (laughs). So I have the trombone and I’m thinking to myself what would make the guys laugh. I just started randomly playing the trombone during the match and during the commercial break the cameraman walked up to me. He said Vince is dying laughing in the back, he loves the trombone, keep playing it. Vince had tears in his eyes and he was screaming laughing, he loved it that much. When we got to the back he said, “Forever, forever, you will always be bringing out the trombone to the ring with you.”

Check out the full episode below:

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