tim storm
Photo Credit: NWA

Tim Storm On Dusty Rhodes Comparisons: ‘There Is Literally No Greater Compliment’

“It’s funny, because looking back now, I never realized — it never occurred to me — that he didn’t have a great body,” Storm said. “Regardless of his physique…the guy could go out there and do 60 minutes with anybody,” Storm continued, “What he did behind the scenes is unbelievable, as a booker and promoter and all of those things.”

“Any time somebody compares me to Dusty Rhodes, it rings a bell in my heart. Ding! It doesn’t get any better than that,” Storm said. “Some of the promos I cut on NWA Powerrr, when I had people comparing me to Dusty Rhodes on promos,” Storm continued, “There literally is no greater compliment to me than to compare me to what I consider the greatest promo man in the history of wrestling.”

Storm noted Mick Foley said it best in his biography about how looking for a character is all about throwing as many things at the wall as you can, and what usually sticks is what’s closest to your real personality. Storm said almost everything he says on camera is really him and it’s genuine, something Rhodes was also great at.

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