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Candice LeRae Wins Battle Royal, Earns Title Shot At TakeOver

A massive battle royal kicked off tonight’s episode of NXT, with a handful of the top female superstars in the company getting into the ring with the opportunity to become the No. 1 contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. In the end, though, it was Candice LeRae who came out on top, earning a title shot against Io Shirai at the upcoming NXT TakeOver.

Late in the match, things came down to just four competitors, with Kacy Catanzaro, Shotzi Blackheart, Dakota Kai, and Candice LeRae. After Catanzaro and Kai got eliminated, it was down to just LeRae and Blackheart, and things got hectic from there. Both superstars found themselves over the ropes and on the steel stairs, fighting it out for who would be last. Unfortunately for Blackheart, though, she couldn’t hang onto things, as she was knocked down the steps and flipped off by LeRae for the loss. With the victory, LeRae will now face off against Io Shirai at NXT TakeOver for the title, in a match that she’s been waiting for.

For more on how the battle royal ended, check out below:

The final four are Shotzi Blackheart, Dakota Kai, Catanzaro, LeRae. Kai launches Catanzaro over the top rope.

Kacy Catanzaro has been eliminated.

Blackheart sends Kai over the top rope.

Dakota Kai has been eliminated.

Blackheart goes up top for a senton. LeRae cuts Blackheart off. Blackheart and LeRae fight on the apron. Blackheart gets knocked down to the steps. LeRae monkey flips Blackheart off the ring steps to the floor.

Shotzi Blackheart has been elminated.

Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Candice LeRae!

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