Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Ace Austin Talks Transitioning To Tag Team Wrestling, Triple Crown Aspirations

During today’s IMPACT Press Pass media call, WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard asked Ace Austin about transitioning from the main event singles picture to chasing tag team gold.

“I think about 90 percent of what I do is something you haven’t seen before,” Austin said. “I think I’m one of the most authentic and original wrestlers of not just this generation but any generation. You’re absolutely right, I started this year as a singles competitor and I certainly never saw myself in a tag team picture, but when things didn’t quite go according to plan at Slammiversary, it seemed like the only logical thing to do is to jump into that tag division.

“Why not become a triple crown champion during my time with IMPACT Wrestling? I think that is just inevitable. Already X Division Champion, next up we have the tag champs, and then I’ll come back around to that tag championship.”

Check out the full IMPACT Press Pass call below:

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