rob van dam
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

More Details About Rob Van Dam And Katie Forbes’ IMPACT Departure

Rob Van Dam is no longer appearing for IMPACT Wrestling and now we have some more details about his relationship with the promotion.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has added some clarity to the situation, reporting that the two sides departed on good terms after the former ECW star’s lengthy run with the company. “We were told that the relationship between IMPACT and RVD lasted much longer than originally anticipated,” wrote Sapp. “The split seemed to be an amicable one with the possibility of a return or working together in the future still on the table.”

Fightful also reported that IMPACT brought in Van Dam’s girlfriend, Katie Forbes, as a “favor.” Though Van Dam and Forbes have parted ways with IMPACT Wrestling, they’re all reportedly on good terms.

In a recent interview, RVD told WrestleZone that he was on a per-show agreement with IMPACT Wrestling and that he had been working out dates with Scott D’Amore on a case-by-case basis. Last month, RVD responded to a request for clarification about his status and told our Dominic DeAngelo that he had no contractual obligations to the company and that he had met all of his obligations to IMPACT.

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