RJ City
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Why The Wrestling World Should Be Thankful For RJ City (2020 Edition)

Quite the wild year we’ve had since I’ve last scribed about RJ City last Turkey Day, hasn’t it? Societal and political dissension has been at an unprecedented high in our fine United States and hey, let’s not forget this whole global pandemic thing further perpetuating our disdain for one another.

This Thanksgiving, it can be a very easy choice to pick up that half-empty glass of apple cider rather than the half full cup during these crazy times, but one can find some semblance of solace by sticking to what’s been tried and true even before COVID-19 became synonymous with 2020: irreverent smarm and yes, a general dislike for humanity.

Sure, family tension and an over abundance of food can be a beneficial bond at keeping matters in perspective, but what truly helps a cynic during these uncertain times? A good dated (and salty) reference that perhaps maybe only you and your great aunt would catch before it flew over the rest of the family’s heads during the aforementioned political “airing of the grievances”. Yes, something always steady in these “uncertain times” is Canadian humor. To further hammer home such a moment of levity, WrestleZone reached out to RJ City once more during Thanksgiving week to share what he’s thankful for in this much desired mulligan of a year we dream of for 2020:

“This year, I am thankful for my completely lack of gratitude. It’s helped keep me grounded.”

Poignant and honest. Please, enjoy these clips of RJ while he observes the harrowing ghost town that this year’s Macy’s Day Parade has become.

The Thanksgiving fun with RJ doesn’t have to end there, everyone because yes we have the consumer beast that is Black Friday waiting in the wings for you fresh off your tryptophan induced coma and plenty of RJ City’s merchandise is a part of the Furley eyed festivities over at Pro Wrestling Tees.

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