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Evil Uno and Stu Grayson Were Worried AEW Would Release Them Due to Travel Restrictions

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson have been successful throughout their run with All Elite Wrestling. But in a recent interview with Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun, the duo revealed that they worried travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic would prematurely end their time with AEW.

“‘There was a time where it was very uncertain for both of us because we couldn’t make it to work for several months, so we were at risk of being cut,'” said Uno via Baines. “‘We didn’t know the scope of what COVID would be like. We also didn’t know what kind of financial hit AEW was going to take. It was stressful at first, but now it feels like the norm.'”

During the interview, Uno and Grayson also questioned whether they’re actually heels. “‘The reason a lot of people may not see us villains is because, in reality, are we really villains?'” said Grayson via Baines. “‘All we do is take care of each other. We take people who are losers and make them winners. Everything we do is for the greater purpose of Dark Order.'”

Likewise, Uno said that The Dark Order don’t belong to the typical heel/face alignment. “‘We are in a grey area, but I think people understand we’re good people with good intentions,'” said Uno via Baines. “‘If we do bad things, it’s for the greater good.’”

The Dark Order continues to be featured prominently on both AEW Dark and AEW Dynamite.

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