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Rhett Titus: The Foundation Is Dead Set On Making The ‘Code Of Honor’ A Priority In ROH Again

The Foundation will restore honor to Ring Of Honor.

Rhett Titus recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about joining The Foundation and shared some insight about why he didn’t immediately reveal his identity when he linked up with the group. A mystery man was seen for several weeks under Jonathan Gresham’s octopus mask, later revealed to be Titus, who has a new outlook.

“For the longest time, I’ve been in Ring Of Honor and I’ve been underappreciated and overlooked. When I joined The Foundation we didn’t want to let people know it was me because you know that would be just doing the same thing over again. You know, ‘Oh Rhett Titus he’s in another stable…’ no this isn’t the same Rhett Titus you’ve seen before. This is Rhett Titus with a chip on his shoulder this is a Rhett Titus that has been hidden under this mask for the past few months because you know we’ve been waiting for the right time to unleash me on Ring Of Honor.

Titus also noted fans should prepare to see a different side of him. He knows some have seen him as a “goofy guy” in the company but that doesn’t mean they should forget he can go with the best of them once the bell rings. Looking ahead to next year, Titus is excited to see fans back at events once it’s safe but his focus remains to bring Ring Of Honor back to the “golden age” when rules and honor were respected and enforced.

“I’m hoping The Foundation captures all the gold and we are able to purify each division and bring Ring Of Honor back to the golden age where there was just all pure wrestling or guys respected the ‘Code Of Honor.’ That is a goal that has been mine for years. I could never fathom when a new guy would come into the company get a dark match or something like that and he would blow off the Code Of Honor or something because he’s a bad guy.”

“Good guys, bad guys, we all follow the Code Of Honor. That’s something that we are dead set on making a priority at the end of 2020 and into 2021. The Foundation looks to purify the whole division,” Titus said, “and like I said before this is a major gripe that I’ve had with tag team wrestling. I’m looking to show people how it’s supposed to be done.

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