Photo Credit: Arsenio Hall Show / via Gregory Iron

Gregory Iron Unearths The Mike Tyson / Hulk Hogan Confrontation That No One Remembers

“Tyson and Hogan! Tyson and Hogan! All hell has broken loose!”

Well, not exactly, but we can always think about what could have been…

Mike Tyson‘s scuffle with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is one of the most memorable scenes in WWE history, but as it turns out, it’s not the first time “Iron Mike” faced off with a WWE Superstars. Gregory Iron shared the following video of Mike Tyson and Hulk Hogan‘s face-off during a forgotten 1991 episode of The Arsenio Hall Show.

It’s been discussed by Hulk Hogan and Bruce Prichard before, but the segment largely seemed to be forgotten, especially in light on Tyson’s highly-publicized scrap with Austin seven years later.

Check out the full segment below; do you remember the confrontation?

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In a historical moment that no one discusses, Mike Tyson makes a surprise appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, and after Hulk Hogan makes his scheduled appearance to hype his main event match with Sgt. Slaughter, Tyson and Hogan have a confrontation — 7 years before Steve Austin & Tyson!

Bruce Prichard and Hulk Hogan have addressed this potential match in interviews in the past, but the timelines don’t match up with the time of this nose-to-nose encounter. Was Tyson & Hogan going to actually happen in 1991, or did these plans get derailed because of actions by Hogan and Tyson in the summer of 1991?

We discuss this on EP. 85 of Iron-On Wrestling with Gregory Iron, available for download now on iTunes or anywhere you download podcasts.