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The Bollywood Boyz Would Like To Form An Indian Faction With New Recruits And Jinder Mahal

jinder mahal
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Ahead of the WWE Superstar Spectacle event for the Indian market, Samir and Sunil Singh, the Bollywood Boyz open up about the potential of forming an Indian faction in WWE with some of the new recruits brought into WWE specifically for an India-centric brand.

For years, WWE has pushed prominent factions leading its individual members to greater heights and in some cases Hall of Fame careers. Many fans have nothing but positive memories of groups such as D-Generation X, Evolution, The Hart Foundation, and the Nation of Domination.

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Speaking with Sportskeeda, the Bollywood Boyz discuss new WWE recruits that they would like to have as their henchmen and being open to continuing their former alliance with Jinder Mahal.

“They got a couple of young kids from India down at the Performance Center right now. They are giants, both seven feet tall. Zanjeer and Shanky. They’re both giants, they’re both guys that probably could be our henchmen, our bodyguards. So I’ll definitely start with those two.”

“Well, I mean, we have history with Jinder. So, let’s pick Jinder Mahal in there. It’s interesting there’s so many Indian talents. You know there’s a possibility of it always happening. But I think we have so many different Indian characters right now. Everybody’s got a unique look and touch.”

WWE Superstar Spectacle will air in the United States in the early morning on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 on the WWE Network.