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‘AEW Casino: Double Or Nothing’ Game Available On iOS & Android Tomorrow; Other AEW Games Updates

The first video game in the AEW catalog will be released and they’re hoping fans will take the gamble in playing it.

It was announced at the end of episode 2 of AEW 2.Show with Kenny Omega that AEW Casino: Double Or Nothing will be released tomorrow on both Android and iOS devices. The game will feature 13 casino games that the user will be able to play.

In addition to that, Aubrey Edwards revealed clips of AEW Elite GM that showed further details about stats and stamina as fans will be able to don the specs of Tony Khan and manage their very own All Elite Wrestling.

As far as the console game is concerned, no release date was announced but Omega and special guest Brandon Cutler did reveal that sound for the game was being recorded at DDPY studios. Omega noted that he checks on the game consistently and there is never any hiccups happening so matters are on pace. You can check out the full episode of 2.Show below.

MUST SEE Major Announcements. New Footage | AEW 2.Show Hosted by Kenny Omega w/ Guest Brandon Cutler

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