Jazz Deonna Purrazzo
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Jazz Facing ‘Doubt’ At Hardcore Justice, But Knows Deonna Purrazzo Will Have The Same Adversary

Jazz recently un-retired from wrestling, but she could find herself hanging up the boots once more if the results of Hardcore Justice do not go her way on Saturday, April 10.

Jazz willingly put her career on the line last week in order to receive a Knockouts Title shot against Deonna Purrazzo in singles action and the legendary competitor shared a feeling we’re not used to seeing from her.

“I’ve been doing some soul-searching lately. Some know me as ‘Jazz’ the most dominant female wrestler of all time, but I’m a wife, I’m a mother. This business has been great to me. A lot of accomplishments. I’m the first ever WWE Women’s Champion, I’m the last WWF Women’s Champion, I’m the longest-reigning NWA Women’s Worlds Champion. With all that being said, I’m facing something I’ve never faced before and that’s doubt.

“Tommy Dreamer approached me with this opportunity and I’ve been knowing Dreamer since day one. He approached me with this opportunity for Hardcore Justice against Deonna. I can’t let the fans down, I can’t let my family down, I can’t even let Dreamer down and most importantly, I can’t let myself down.

“Deonna, come Hardcore Justice, you’re gonna see why I am the most dominating female in this business, you’re gonna see why I’m known as “The Female Fighting Phenom,” you’re gonna know why I’m known as the “Baddest Bitch” because when I put my career on the line come Hardcore Justice, you too will look in the mirror and see doubt.”

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone.

WrestleZone managing editor Bill Pritchard recently spoke with Jazz about her current wrestling run and you can give that a look below:

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