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Trevor Murdoch Has ‘Ten Pounds Of Gold’ Aspirations And It’s Got Nick Aldis On His Heels

Trevor Murdoch feels right at home in his old school boots and he believes that ‘comfort’ has caused Nick Aldis and Strictly Business to blink.

Murdoch will kick off this Tuesday’s NWA Powerrr on FITE TV by addressing NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion and his faction after they’ve been a literal pain in the neck for him. Chris Adonis, the new NWA National Champion, deceived Murdoch during a sign of respect before their March 30 bout, a rematch that came after Trevor defeated Adonis at the NWA Back For The Attack pay-per-view. Before the match, Trevor went for a handshake and Chris locked the champ in his Master Lock to get the tainted and quick victory. Now with Adonis in the ranks of Strictly Business, Murdoch is more than ready to speak his mind.

“I’m in a position now where I actually have a voice in a company,” Murdoch told Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone. “Look, for a long time, if a top guy had something to say to you and was talking badly about you, you couldn’t respond cause you might get in trouble with the office. That’s not the case here in NWA. We’re a bunch of grown-ass men so if somebody’s got something to say, you have an opportunity to respond and Nick Aldis seems to have a lot to say on national TV when I go out there, and I’m just going to confront him about it and see where his cards lie.”

Murdoch doesn’t discredit Aldis for being the proprietor of the “Ten Pounds Of Gold” for the past two-plus years, but he isn’t an avid fan of Aldis referring to a lack of worthy competition in the NWA locker room. Murdoch notes that there’s a reputable list of deserving challengers in the back, including two former World Heavyweight Champions as well as names such as Elijah Burke and Aron Stevens.

“Nine-hundred plus days as Worlds Champion is an amazing feat and he, for a long time, has carried the NWA banner on his back and he’s been a great representative. I’ve said that since day one that he’s been a great representative of when you talk about a world champion, he fits every part of that bill,” Murdoch explained, “so I have nothing negative to say about him in that aspect. My problem with Nick is the way he treats people and the way he thinks that he is ultimately better than everybody.”

Murdoch then made it mighty clear that Aldis and the “Ten Pounds of Gold” are very much on his radar, and said that neither one of them are the same man that they were during their first encounter.

“I want to hear Kyle Davis say ‘You are the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion’ and I want to be the leader of the ship. I’ve earned it, I’ve worked hard for it and I think the first time I got in the ring with Nick, when I wrestled him a little over a year ago—I’m not the same guy anymore. Old Trevor’s back. Old Trevor’s back,” Murdoch explained, “and that’s something I think that’s got Nick on his heels.”

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Trevor Murdoch and Dominic go over an hour and a half long where Murdoch talks about the one-of-a-kind environment the NWA cultivates, how he thinks his late, great partner in Lance Cade would fare in today’s wrestling and shares several wild stories involving Randy Orton and his mentor, Harley Race.

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