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Tommy Dreamer: ‘Christian Is A Tom Brady’, He’s Aiming To Get His Own Super Bowl Ring With World Title Win

Former WWE star Christian took a major risk when he came out of retirement and, shortly after a one-night comeback in Vince McMahon’s company, signed with All Elite Wrestling.

Three matches into his time with AEW, Christian Cage has impressed fans and critics alike, as he looks like he hasn’t lost a step since he last wrestled in 2014.

During a recent episode of Busted Open, “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer reflected on Christian Cage’s remarkable opening stretch with AEW. He expressed his belief that Christian has a huge chip on his shoulder because he wants to show WWE that it made a mistake by presumably not giving him a chance.

“When you hear from the wrestlers you know, for the longest time, Mark Henry, Bully [Ray], myself, we’d always talk about John Cena, John Cena, John Cena,” said Dreamer. “The wrestling fans didn’t get behind it, but we were like trust me, he’s the man. Same with Roman Reigns. Christian is that person as well.

“Trust me, Christian hears what people would say, where Christian has this chip on his shoulder. ‘Hey WWE, I’m coming back here, I wanna do this, this and this.’ And whether they said, ‘We don’t have any interest in you, or we have Edge’, I mean think of the story they gave to Edge. You could have literally done that same story with Christian….Whatever drove him away, don’t think that he’s not gonna go out there to prove that they made the wrong decision. And he is killing it.”

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Dreamer then explained how fellow wrestlers continue to praise Christian’s extensive skill set. The ECW legend described how he’s sure that Christian has one goal on his mind — winning the AEW World Chamionship to prove his doubters wrong. To drive home this argument, Dreamer compared Christian’s AEW run to iconic NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s departure from the New England Patriots and his successful debut season in Tampa Bay.

“I’m sure he’s gunning for Kenny Omega, and everything in his mindset is, ‘I wanna be the champion of this company because somebody didn’t believe in me,'” said Dreamer. “But Christian has always believed in himself, and the wrestlers have always believed in Christian. He’s been killing it since his return because why? He’s motivated and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

“Do you think Tom Brady literally needed another ring? He went to Tampa, and everyone was like, ‘Well, [your success was] because you had the greatest coach, or you had all these weapons with you.’ Tom Brady literally left. Why? Because somebody offered him more money, and he went and played on another team. And literally in that first year, he won a Super Bowl. So now you can never say it’s because of the coach. You have to say, because if it was the greatest coach, they would have played the Patriots [in the Super Bowl] this year. No, it’s now because he’s Tom Brady. And trust me, Christian is a Tom Brady.”

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