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Roman Reigns Costs The Usos Tag Title Match, Attacks The Mysterios

Dominik and Rey Mysterio are fighting champions, and they defended their WWE SmackDown Tag Team titles this week on WWE SmackDown. In a match against Jey and Jimmy Uso, the Mysterios retained their titles due to a controversial finish.

During the match, the defending champions looked a bit overwhelmed as The Usos brought the fight to them. With Roman Reigns essentially telling his cousins they must win, Jey and Jimmy didn’t mess around early.  A nasty modified Samoan drop on Rey gave the challengers some momentum, but the former world champion rallied again and again.

Toward the end of the match, Dominik found himself in the ring alone with Jey , and the latter dropped Dominik with a nasty superkick. Jey went up to the top ropes and attempted to clinch the win with a splash, but Mysterio got his legs up. He hit Uso and rolled him up for the win.

While it looked as if Jey might have gotten his shoulders up before the three count, the referee counted the full pin, ending the match and giving the Mysterios the victory. Following the match, Reigns berated the brothers, demanding them to get another title shot immediately to rectify the matter.

After being granted a rematch by Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville, things went even worse for The Usos. Once again, they looked prepared to suffer a loss at the hands of the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions. However, before the match could officially end, Reigns made his presence known. Forcing the match to end via disqualification, Reigns delivered a brutal Superman Punch to Dominik before he dropped Rey with a spear.

Not done with his assault, Reigns proceeded to brutally attack both Dominik and Rey, hitting them both with the steel stairs. Back in the ring, he locked Dominik into a guillotine hold, nearly choking out the young Mysterio until Jimmy asked him. to stop. As Jimmy left the ring and called for his brother, Jey began to follow. But he stopped when Reigns walked over to him. Unhappy at the thought of Jey disobeying him, Reigns ended the night by going back to Dominik and attacking him once again. 

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