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Over The Top Wrestling Prepares To Return: ‘This Is An Opportunity To Reboot And Rebuild’

Over The Top Wrestling (OTT for short) is set to return to live events after it has been on hiatus for more than a year, according to owner Joey Cabray. 

In a recent post on Twitter, Cabray said that the company was ready to return, although he wasn’t sure exactly when that will happen. More information should be forthcoming, though, so fans will know soon enough when the company is ready to have fans in the building.

Over The Top Wrestling hasn’t hosted a live show since February 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic halting all shows shortly after its final show in February. The promotion was also heavily impacted by the Speaking Out Movement; OTT parted ways with its world champion, David Starr when sexual abuse allegations against him came to light.

Cabray’s full statement reads as follows: 

The past 15 months have been incredibly challenging for everyone involved in the live entertainment sector, with our entire industry shutting down overnight as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Within that, the world of Professional Wrestling had a further moment of reckoning with the #SpeakingOut movement, where survivors of abuse courageously shared their stories. The safety and well-being of performers, fans, and staff remains our number one priority, and as we move towards society fully reopening and the return of live shows, we wanted to share the following updates with our audience.

In advance of live shows returning, our safety procedures, code of conduct, and disciplinary procedures have been comprehensively updated in line with international best practice. All management, performers, and staff have signed up to these policies, and have agreed to be bound by them. All management, performers, and staff, including visiting performers, will undergo detailed background checks. A code of conduct for fans has also been drawn up.

OTT Wrestling takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously. Complaints will be handled by our independent Head of Talent Relations. Where criminality is alleged, investigations will be referred to the relevant authorities. Any performer who has been subject to allegations and is subsequently deemed fit to return will be announced publicly before the event via social media and our ticketing site.

To avoid potentially prejudicing any proceedings, OTT will not comment publicly on any ongoing investigations. Detailed COVID-19 policies have been drawn up and will be circulated to all staff and performers in advance of shows resuming. All relevant public heath guidelines, including social distancing, ventilation, hand hygiene, and mask wearing will be strictly observed and enforced for both audiences and performers. These policies will be publicly available on our websites.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. It’s long past time to leave the dark days of the past behind us for good. This is an opportunity to reboot and rebuild Irish wrestling for the better, and to make the changes needed to ensure a safe, welcoming, and exciting scene for performers and fans alike.

We hope you’ll help build it with us.

Joe Cabray,

OTT Wrestling.

WrestleZone will provide more details as they become available.

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