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Todd Pettengill On ‘In Your House’ Nostalgia: It’s Awesome To Have That Brand Recognition, I Guess I Did Something Right

WWE has brought back the nostalgia for their NXT TakeOver: In Your House pay-per-view event in the form of former WWE host Todd Pettengill.

Arguably the face of the old-school WWE specials, Todd Pettengill was brought back for NXT‘s version of the show in 2020. Ahead of this Sunday’s event, Pettengill appeared on the Two Men Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast to discuss the nostalgia of the show.

“Yeah, I mean it’s better than being associated with prison or something that’s not gonna work,” Pettengill joked the asked if he enjoys being associated with the In Your House event. “It’s a positive thing, it’s nostalgic, it was one of those pay-per-views that really seemed to have an impact on fans, so, yeah, why not, man? There’s certainly worse things you could be associated with, right?”

Todd Pettengill then got into the massive fan support that he’s received after being brought back by WWE for the NXT TakeOver: In Your House events beginning with an appearance last year.

“I’m always amazed that wrestling fans, love you or hate you, they always remember you and you can’t say that about a lot of sports or entertainment things. I guess if you make a movie, people recognize you and remember you but to think that I’ve been gone for 20-some-odd years from that world and they still remember and some of them have an affinity, others don’t, which is the good with the bad, but yeah, I think it’s awesome to have that brand recognition. I guess I did something right back in the day and I still have fun doing it. I think if you can bring something fresh to it, it shouldn’t all be about nostalgia, so if you’re still competent, if you’re still comfortable in front of the camera, if you still feel like you have something to say, then I think that it makes sense. If I was sort of doddering in there and had no clue where I was or what was going on, I’d probably say its not a good idea just for nostalgic sake but this seems to work out great and the response overall has been pretty positive.”

NXT TakeOver: In Your House will air on Peacock and WWE Network on Sunday, June 13.

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