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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Team Taz Continues To Implode, Hangman Page Wins Again

Team Taz is falling apart at the seams.

Brian Cage and his stablemates increasingly struggle to coexist, and the tension came to a head this week on AEW Dynamite.

During a main event tag team match where Cage teamed up with Powerhouse Hobbs to face “Hangman” Adam Page and “10” of the Dark Order, Team Taz initially worked well together. Cage and Hobbs overpowered Page and 10, and the duo seemed like they were on their way to a noteworthy victory. But when Ricky Starks gave Cage the FTW Championship so he could use it in order to gain the upper hand, “The Machine” threw it back at him. Starks got in Cage’s face and slapped him after a heated confrontation.

Cage then left the match and walked to the back to confront his stablemate. Hobbs tried to keep fighting, but Page and 10 picked up the win after a Buckshot Lariat. After the match, the Dark Order and Page celebrated together to end the show on a cheerful note. But it’s fair to say that this joyful mood is not shared by Team Taz.

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