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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Cody Rhodes Admits That He Hates Eating Vegetables, But Knows Their Value

Add Cody Rhodes to the list of vegetable haters.

Former TNT Champion and current AEW EVP Cody Rhodes spoke with GQ about his diet and training regimen. Rhodes discussed how his diet is one of the major factors in him keeping up with the younger wrestlers this late into his career, but that didn’t stop him from delving into his hatred for vegetables.

The food that’s tricky for me is broccoli. I always have it, but sometimes it has to be disguised for me. We did, like, a cauliflower rice with shredded broccoli in it at one point because I hate vegetables,” admitted Cody. “Not to be another statistic, but I hate the taste of them. My trainer tries to trick me into eating vegetables quite often. I know their value, especially if you don’t want that heaviness in your stomach all day, but I hate vegetables.”

Cody discussed what alternatives he uses for vegetables and got into how he masks the taste of them if he absolutely has to eat them.

“Either shredding it where, you know, I’m not feeling like I’m eating a whole tree or I just douse it in that Thai peanut sauce. But that’s an area where if I need to make a little sacrifice… Like, if we’re getting ready for a pay-per-view and you want to dial it in even further, that’s where I start taking sauces out and that’s where [eating] becomes a little miserable.”

The 35-year old would also lay out his workout regimen and what advice he would give to the younger generation when it comes to their dietary plans, why he’s a tights guy now and more.

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