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Mansoor Says He Didn’t Care About His Streak Ending: ‘I Just Want To Be A Part Of RAW’

Mansoor‘s winning streak was one of the most impressive of its kind since Goldberg’s classic stretch of victories. Still, the WWE RAW newcomer insists that it wasn’t an intentional development, though WWE had been grooming him for the main roster for quite some time.

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, the RAW star looked back on his streak and explained that once he realized he had been undefeated for a while, he practically begged to lose.

“…Part of me was like what’s the purpose for this?” said Mansoor. “It even came a point where I would actually go to people in the office – I won’t say who – but I would go to them and say ‘Please! I want to lose! I’m begging you! I want to put this guy over!’ [laughs]. They were like ‘no.’”

Mansoor then recalled how Vince McMahon had personally told him that he would be moving to the main roster soon, but the pandemic might have delayed this plan. The Saudi Arabian star then joked that he was the new Goldberg once he started racking up wins, but of course, his 49-0 streak ended via disqualification.

Despite this anticlimactic ending of his streak, Mansoor noted that he was simply glad to join the WWE RAW roster.

“It didn’t bother me one bit,” said Mansoor. “I did not care about that streak ending. I would rather lose every week then win occasionally, I just want to be a part of RAW.”

Now that he is a member of the red brand, Mansoor has to navigate its chaotic landscape. At first, Mustafa Ali seemingly took him under his wing to help with this process, but the former Retribution leader may have sinister intentions. In the interview, Mansoor explained why he enjoys the unpredictability of his storyline with Ali.

“This thing with Mustafa Ali, I think it’s amazing because it has so much potential to go a certain way,” said Mansoor. “It could have been, I had a match one day and then Mustafa could have ran in and said ‘You are who I was two years ago and I’m going to teach you a lesson!’

“No, it’s not that, it’s him coming to me and trying to be a mentor and me not immediately opening up to him so there’s that question of, is Mansoor going to go with Mustafa and turn to the dark side or maybe Mansoor is going to imbue that optimism and hopefulness that he has and change Ali back to the light, so to speak, as corny as that sounds.”

Mansoor then expressed his excitement for the future of this program and stated that he’s happy to be working with a partner like Ali.

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