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Roman Reigns Embraces The Usos, The Mysterios Return And Get Revenge

Roman Reigns wasn’t around last week when Jimmy Uso took a brutal beating from Edge, but he made his appearance to start tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown. In the process, “The Tribal Chief” reunited his family, as Jey Uso came down to the ring and embraced his brother and his cousin.

In a message to the WWE Universe, Reigns noted that for one moment during his triple threat bout with Edge and Daniel Bryan, he felt some fear.  But he made it clear that this feeling only gave him the will to push through and “smash” both Edge and Daniel Bryan en route to his decisive victory. As Reigns began to discuss family business, Jimmy Uso came out.

Despite having been arrested earlier this week on DUI charges, Jimmy Uso joined Reigns in the ring and demanded to know where Reigns was last week. In response, he said he never asked Jimmy to defend him from Edge. He also stated said that he was busy doing what Jimmy should have done. At this point, Jey made his return to WWE following a brief absence.

Coming down to the ring, Jey said that it was time for he and Jimmy to get back to doing what they do, which is winning the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Reigns acknowledged that goal, saying that if the duo followed his way, then they could all rule over SmackDown as a family. Things ended with the two brothers entering Reigns’ embrace, and the family seemingly coming together as one unit.

To end the night, Edge made his way out to the ring and called out Reigns, who responded by making his way down to ringside and getting into a staring match with “The Rated-R Superstar.” However, Jimmy and Jey Uso also made their way down to the ring, though Reigns had told them to stay behind in the locker room. Reigns said he would handle things on his own and got into the ring to meet Edge. Though the Usos wanted to support “The Tribal Chief”, a pair of surprising returns nullified their presence.

After staring each other down for a moment, the two legendary stars quickly began brawling, trading punches with one another as if it was a real match. The Usos attempted to jump into the ring and help their cousin, but Rey and Dominik Mysterio attacked the brothers.

Inside the ring, Edge looked ready to hit a nasty spear on -Reigns, but the Usos  who had stopped the Mysterios for a moment with a series of superkicks interfered, allowing Edge to become distracted enough for Jey to hit Edge with another superkick. However, the Mysterios made their way into the ring, taking out both Usos and setting up a dual 619 that Dominik hit on the brothers.

Edge then went out of the ring to retrieve a chair, broke the metal bar out from under it, and ended the show by once again brutally pulling back the heads of both Jimmy and Jey Uso in a crossface. Meanwhile, Reigns looked on from the ramp, unwilling to come down and rescue his cousins.  

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