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Reginald Had Once Given Up On His Dream Of Becoming A WWE Superstar Because Life Got In The Way

Last week on WWE RAW, Reginald had an eventful night as he won the WWE 24/7 Championship minutes after Nia Jax dumped him.

Reginald was a guest on the newest episode of WWE’s The Bump, and he recalled how he grew up with the dream of becoming a WWE Superstar, but he had up on that idea a long time ago because he thought it wouldn’t be possible.


“A dream that I gave up on a long time ago because I thought it was never possible,” said Regiand. “Life gets in the way, gangs, drugs, violence where I come from, and you don’t think that, ‘Oh, one day I can be a WWE Superstar, 24/7 Champion, so you have to just deal with life.”

Now, Reginald is living his dream; he has been a featured member of WWE television in recent months, and he now has a championship around his waist.

In the interview, he also discussed his championship victory, and he simply stated that he capitalized on a vulnerable Akira Tozawa, who held the title at the time.

“See, in the beginning, when I was dumped by Carmela and dissed by Sasha, this was heartbreaking,” said Reginald. “But I saw an opportunity, and I seized the moment.”

Reginald then revealed that his finisher, a standing Molly Go Round, is billed as The Big Top Pop. Later in the interview, the WWE 24/7 Champion said that he’s been doing flips since he was only two years old, and he has continued to get better at executing them.

“Oh yeah, so I started turning myself over flipping when I was two years old,” said Reginald. “At the age of nine, and I saw my brother’s doing it and things started to slow down for me, it sounds like a movie but really flips started to slow down and then used to just meet each other in the vacant lots on dirty mattresses and things like that, and we would just flip for hours and hours throughout the day.”

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